Embracing the Beauty of Art and Togetherness. Our very own, Brenda Gardner joined forces with Dominion Senior Living and Heritage Hall – Signature Health Care. Your support in the Art Alley and Frame Clinic is a brushstroke that colors our community’s canvas. By joining, you uplift fellow residents and enrich the thriving artistic spirit here. Your participation is the heart of a meaningful movement.


Heritage Hall Nursing Home

Embracing the values of equality, love and community, Heritage Hall holds a significant place in my heart. Follow as I share with you the early endeavors of creating a meaningful impact at a skilled care nursing home where compassion and creativity come together. At this facility, where many residents are lower income residents, I've embarked on a volunteer journey that brings joy to the lives of seniors in need.

My involvement began when I was providing care to a client who gradually transitioned to life in a nursing home due to a decrease in independence. Wanting to continue my support, I extended my visits to the rehabilitation facility. During this time, a special connection blossomed with the activity's director, and my passion for art and the well-being of seniors became evident.

Recognizing my dedication, the nursing home extended an opportunity to contribute in a unique way. I now have the privilege of engaging with the seniors on a monthly basis. The goal is simple but powerful: to provide them with a momentary escape from their surroundings through art and companionship. Witnessing them light up and momentarily set aside their challenges fills my heart with immeasurable satisfaction.

While financial constraints prevent monetary compensation, the reward of enriching the lives of these seniors is more valuable than any paycheck. Together, let's create an environment of positivity and connection, where the delivery of goodness has a transformative impact on both the seniors and myself.


Dominion Senior Living

A chance encounter and blossomed into a remarkable journey. It all started when I first connected with an activity's director at a local nursing home. Over time, our bond deepened as we shared a common ground and that was our passion to brighten the lives of seniors.

Life took an unforeseen turn, introducing a new business opportunity as my dear friend transitioned to a senior care home. Surprisingly, this change only deepened our connection. As I maintained my visits to the nursing home, I was privileged to witness the profound influence my presence and activities had on the residents. Their smiles, their narratives, and their expressions of thankfulness fueled my unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact in their lives.

This incredible journey led to an unexpected collaboration. The activities director, now part of Dominion Senior Living, recognized the significance of our shared efforts. They saw the genuine joy and positivity I brought to the nursing home's residents and invited me to join forces with their team. The invitation was simple yet monumental: to host monthly paint classes for the seniors.

My heart swells with affection for these wonderful individuals, and the happiness that radiates from them fills me with a sense of fulfillment unlike anything else. The camaraderie, the shared laughter, and the vibrant strokes of paint on canvas—these moments complete me in a way I could never have imagined. Together with Dominion Senior Living, we create an atmosphere of joy, creativity, and companionship that enriches the lives of seniors and fills my own heart with immeasurable joy.


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