Amelia Arenson

Amelia Arenson

Haunts of Nature - Pyrography

Welcome! I’m Amelia Arenson, the sole artist behind Haunts of Nature. I create pyrography (wood burned) artwork and also burn on real animal skulls. While most nature artists focus on animals, landscapes, and scenery, I capture the more overlooked parts of the natural world and the hidden gems that most people tend to walk right past.

Although I graduated from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with a BFA in Graphic Design, I am completely self-taught with the medium of pyrography. About four or five years ago I bought a basic soldering-style wood burner from the craft store. I tried my hand at a few simple line designs, but being a realism artist it just didn’t satisfy me. The cheap burner pen was also extremely limiting, so I jumped online and purchased a more professional pyrography machine that allowed for far better temperature ranges and pen control. It made a night and day difference.


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