Kentucky Proud


Meet the Artist

Lee Roher

Rohering Good Stained Glass

Amelia Arenson

Haunts of Nature - Pyrography

Stephanie Turner

Pour Paintings

Lynn Pickett

Handmade copper bracelets that are hand painted and made.

Donald Cox

This man absolutely turns every piece of his work.

Kathy Wood

She captures the essence of subjects ranging from flowers to wildlife.

Kevin Turner

An avid traveler, and photographer for over 30 years.

Jeff Fox

- Turning coins into jewelry, magnets, tiny sculptures, and more.

Bath & Body

Rock Bottom Soap Co. -Bluegrass Country Soap

Glass Art

Michelle Weston

Handmade Decor

Stephanie Turner - Leah George


BSpoken Designs - Lynn Pickett

Metal & Blacksmith Art

Fox Metal Works - Pod’s Forge - David Shadwick

Outdoor & Garden

Shannon Clinton

Pottery & Ceramics

Pawley’s Pottery

Stained Glass

Lee Roher

Wall Art

Amelia Arenson - Deborah Fransen - Kathy Woods - Debbie Graviss - Marianna McDonald - Dinah Tyree - Di Boyer - Kevin Turner - Gary Glover

Wood Art

Donald Cox - Hunt’s Wood Craft - Sam Jaha


Gary Glover - Kevin Turner


Art Alley’s appreciation for artistry goes beyond aesthetics

In the heart of Kentucky, At Art Alley and Frame Clinic, every artistic creation springs to life within the borders of this beautiful state. As an artist, my story finds its home in this creative haven. At Art Alley, we celebrate the essence of each artistic soul by curating their work based on the medium they masterfully wield.

Here, amidst the rolling hills and inspiring landscapes, artists come together to showcase their talent in various forms – from intricate pottery that captures the essence of earth’s clay to vibrant paintings that breathe life onto canvases. Each piece finds its place, telling a unique narrative of its creator’s passion and dedication.

Art Alley’s appreciation for artistry goes beyond aesthetics. It’s about connecting with the soul of the artist, understanding the creative journey, and embracing the heritage that influences their craft. As I present my work, I find solace in knowing that each piece stands shoulder to shoulder with the remarkable talents that call Kentucky their home.

So, step into Art Alley and Frame Clinic, and immerse yourself in the vibrant symphony of colors, textures, and emotions that Kentucky artists have woven into their creations. Experience the magic that unfolds when art and culture intertwine, for within these walls, the essence of Kentucky’s artistic legacy comes alive.


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