Custom Framing

Custom Framing

Art Alley and Frame Clinic offer personalized and unique display options for your cherished items. Our custom framing service allows you to tailor the frame according to your specific preferences, décor style, and the dimensions of your precious objects.

With our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, we ensure that the chosen materials and techniques provide a stunning presentation and offer adequate protection and preservation for your valuable items. Our custom framing will safeguard your memories and treasures for the long term, keeping them in pristine condition for generations to come. Explore our range of framing options, and let us turn your cherished items into timeless masterpieces!

Design Consultation:

Providing expert advice on frame styles, matting choices, and layout to enhance the visual appeal of the artwork.

Memorabilia Framing

Concert Tickets - Posters - Movie Posters - Autographs - Trophies - Awards - Family Heirlooms - Keepsakes

Military & Service Memorabilia

Medals - Ribbons - Flags - Uniforms - Badges - Honor Certificates - Awards - Retirement - Deployment

Sports Memorabilia

Jersey - Uniform - Equipment - Trading Cards - Autographs - Tickets - Programs

Framing Restoration

Preserving valuable or antique frames is essential for maintaining their integrity and worth, particularly for those with historical significance. Framing restoration allows individuals and institutions to display their artwork and memorabilia with visually pleasing frames extending the item’s longevity. Restoring frames can rejuvenate beloved pieces and prepare them for display and enjoyment for many years to come.

Custom Matting/Mounting

Custom matting and mounting are pivotal in custom framing, offering aesthetic enhancement and essential protection for your cherished artwork or items. By choosing custom matting and mounting options, you have the flexibility to personalize your frame to match your style, preferences, and the unique needs of the item being framed. This ensures a stunning and enduring display that perfectly complements your décor while safeguarding your treasured pieces for years to come.


We provide a range of glass options, including regular, Premium clear, conservation clear, nonglare conservation glare, acrylic glass, and UV-protective glass. These options are designed to safeguard artwork from dust, UV light, and other environmental factors.

Art Installation

 Assisting customers with the professional hanging and installation of framed artwork in their homes or businesses is available upon consultation.

We offer services for individuals, artists, art collectors, businesses, museums, and anyone who wants to professionally protect and display their cherished artwork or objects in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Wild Turkey

Vintage Elegance for Corporate Essence: Elevate Your Workspace with Expertly Reproduced and Conservation Framed Wild Turkey Distillery Prints.

This is the artwork for which I commissioned prints of an original vintage painting, specifically for corporate Wild Turkey employees. Each recipient was gifted a meticulously framed conservation print, capturing the beauty of Vintage Wild Turkey Distillery. This endeavor aimed to celebrate the legacy and heritage of the distillery, ensuring that its essence remains cherished by those it serves.


    Adding the right frame to a piece of artwork is definitely the cherry on the cake! I'm not a frame expert, but I am lucky enough to know one who has decades of experience. She can choose a frame for you that will make these artworks museum ready!


      Besides working closely with me and my work, she accepts local and out-of-state orders. There's no one I trust more with my artwork. Please check out Art Alley & Frame Clinic for your frame and restoration needs!


      Found Art that Speaks to Your Soul? Give us a call to discuss our Dependable Shipping for Your Treasure.